The clothing industry is broken.

Each year the worldwide textile market produces over 100 million tons of fibres. With the size of the industry growing each year, producing textiles has a significant effect on the environment.

When it comes to pollution, fashion is second only to the petroleum industry. Fast fashion has resulted in enormous water, soil, and air pollution; as well as deforestation and desertification.

It has never been more important to introduce sustainable practices such as circular economies and closed-loop processes

That's why we're doing things differently.

We make our super-soft undies from TENCEL™ Modal fibres, which are made from cellulose found in Austrian beech trees. It's a biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable wood sources. Using innovative and unique technologies, our Austrian manufacturer is leading the industry in terms of sustainability.

Inspired by the circular nature of the ecological cycle of trees, their closed loop process is low carbon and minimises energy usage, wastewater resource intensity and harmful emissions. It’s so impressive that they are able to recover and reuse up to 95% of production materials.

When it’s time to retire your undies their TENCEL Modal fibres will biodegrade, returning to the natural cycle from which they originated.

Sustainability without compromise

We believe that you shouldn't be forced to compromise on quality or comfort to make a sustainable choice.

Compared to cotton (even organic cotton), TENCEL™ Modal requires substantially less land per ton and takes10-20x less water to produce… but it’s still 3x softer! Oh, and it’s 50% more absorbent and breathable, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and shrink-resistant.

Don’t just take our word for it: our supplier has been recognised for their sustainability commitments and innovation by being awarded the EU Ecolabel, the first fibre producer to achieve such status. You can also find a life-cycle assessment covering every stage of the fibre production process conducted by researchers at Utrecht University.

All our garments are certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, an independent certification system that proves our fabrics are free from harmful chemicals. Not only is this important to prevent toxic chemicals entering waterways, it's also softer on your skin.

We are also committed to ensuring that workers at every stage of our supply chain are treated fairly. That's why we work exclusively with garment producers that have impeccable ethical standards, and suppliers that have ethical and sustainable commitments at their core. Our undies are cut, sewn and finished in factories audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures dignified and equitable labour standards including (but certainly not limited to) the provision of a living wage.

Even our packaging is made from sustainable materials. We chose 100% recycled mailing bags over conventional plastic ones, and had our boxes made from recycled materials and printed with eco inks. If you have an idea for how we could do even better, we would love to hear it.

We're also featured in a number of ethical clothing directories, including The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Fashion Directory.


Ethical Production

Our manufacturers are certified as using ethical and sustainable practices to produce all our products.



Recycled Packaging

Our boxes and mailer bags are made from 100% recycled materials, printed with vegetable-based inks.



Eco-friendly Fibres

We use TENCEL™ Modal, an innovative fibre that has a much lighter carbon footprint than conventional textiles.



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