My Web Host

Every now and then someone asks me who my web host is. Well, here you go. I’ve been using them since 2003 now, and let’s see… they’ve consistently upgraded my service for no additional charge. I think I started with a couple gigs of space for maybe $10-$15 a month, which was worlds better (and cheaper) than the couple hundred megs and incapable service (ie I couldn’t install blog software) I was getting from Yahoo.

Now I get hundreds of gigs of space and there are always new features being added, not to mention that I pay less than I originally started out paying. And I’m slightly jealous that you’ll be paying less than I am for all the goodies, as their rates have only gotten lower as technology has progressed.

Let me give you just one example of how convenient it is. I just switched my blog to WordPress (because movable type is slower than molasses now)… Dreamhost actually has automatic installs of programs like that. Now, it’s cool that I can one-click install it, but even better is that when a new version of WordPress comes out, there’s a button you can click to upgrade to the latest version, so that you don’t have to fuss with a tricky upgrade process. So nice, takes most of the pain out of using WordPress on your own server.

Their service is really prompt, too. If I have a question or issue I need help with, they usually respond within 24 hours. And last time I checked, they were paying to renew my domain every year (it’s like $10 bucks a year). So really… it’s pretty cheap to have our own domain and run a site off of it.

Click the link above if you want to sign up. They’ll give me a little credit towards my monthly bill if you do (using the above link)– so thanks in advance =)