When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die

No, not really. That’s just the name of a song by Moby that I never heard until I watched the first season of Stranger Things. That scene… right in the feels. It’s just the tune that came to mind when I saw this old self portrait I did years ago for my digital painting class.

Rather, I like to think I enjoy the cold. And I feel as though I’ve squandered another winter by not getting out to enjoy it more. Then I think that… my wish to enjoy winter is at basic odds with the rest of my biology. I used to hate winter for the seasonal depression it would bring, especially in January and February. Later I decided I liked cold… winter has its own magnificence. Though unfortunately I cannot escape that the sun is furthest from me during winter and thus resulting in lowered vitamin D and the resulting blues… which aren’t conducive to getting out and enjoying the cold.

I wonder if we don’t look forward to spring, summer and fall because of the activities we associate with them, or at least the memories. I can’t say I have a lot of fond memories of January or February…

Anyhow, I see there’s snow a few more times in the forecast for the next week or so. Enjoy! 😀

I used to love summer. Maybe I have enough distance from public schooling that the freedom from the drudgery of school no longer informs my feelings about summer. Rather, summer leaves me looking for escape more than winter does, I find the heat so oppressive. While there are many pleasant ways to be warm in the midst of winter cold, there are fewer and less effective ways to cool down in the heat of summer. There’s a reason why hell is described as a hot place more often than as a cold place. Though we are thankful for AC in summer, you generally don’t curl up in front of it in summer like you might curl up in front of a fire in winter.