Throwback: The Desk Photo


The other day I was rigging up a subwoofer to my old bookshelf system (speakers are a bit lacking in the bass department) and remembered posting a picture of it on one of my early blog posts — actually 14 years ago this month. I found the link to the image broken– I’d stored it somewhere else that’s now history– so I went digging through my local files to see if I had the original photo.

In my digging I found some other photos taken at the same time, and found the above. It took me a moment to figure out why I’d taken it… an online forum (Minidisc forum, of course… you’d never guess that from this photo, haha) had a thread that was probably not uncommon then– a “show us your workstation” or “show us your desk” or setup thread. Reveals a bit about what kind of gear you have and so on. Perhaps this weekend I’ll get a shot of my current desk to see how times have changed in 15 years and how they’ve stayed the same, hah. I do love that I’m still rocking the same bookshelf system with Minidisc player, though I’ve got less space now so it’s hidden away. Sadly, Darth is no longer with me.

I’ve got some more treasure from that July 2003 set of photos I need to post– to be continued 😛