Bear Lake

I remember Jeff and I were spread out in the back of his family’s minivan, pouring over my first issue of Nintendo Power, the Zelda II issue. We would see how long we could suck on Starburst candies before we’d either start chewing or swallow them.

Oh man, check out the awesomeness that is the cover of that issue. Pure 80s gold, that hair on Link, haha. I totally forgot how most covers early on featured live actors or claymation.


That issue came out in January 1989… which meant this was one of our winter jaunts to Bear Lake to stay at Jeff’s family’s condo. Which meant video games and losing our boots in the snow trying to get to the hot tub and the sauna. Loooooved the sauna! We’d sometimes scamper across the frozen pool (sometimes breaking the ice and tearing holes in the pool cover… such trouble makers, hah) and then jump back into the hot tub. Seems like we might have contributed to some of the soggy toilet paper wads sticking to the ceiling in the pool bathroom, too, hah.

My sister shared a couple pictures of her kids at a cave near Bear Lake, which I figured was the Minnetonka cave… trying to figure out when it was I had been there did take me quite a ways back. Fun little trip that also led me to some new chip tunes. Good times!