Anyone out there?

Just a quick post to see if anyone is seeing this. Anyone else still blogging or feel like journeying back into blog-dom with me?

As I scanned back through entry after entry of my own blog the other day, it was kind of depressing to realize just how little output I’ve had in the last few years. And I mean creative output both in terms of posting and taking photos as well as just being thoughtful in general and having a mind towards learning and growing. I think I’ve probably made the “I miss me” comment on here one too many times. Question will be how long I can keep this moving now 🙂

So yeah– maybe I’ll do some digging to find if friends are still blogging and make a “blog roll” to navigate through. I think with Google Reader died I felt like a connection I had to the blog world was severed– that was how I kept up with who was posting. Sadly I don’t have one now– not that solutions don’t exist, I just don’t use one, and perhaps others are the same.

If no one is reading this, that’s cool too… still a place for me to ramble and share what’s going on in my head at the moment.


    • Hah! At least one person still reads blogs! Thanks, cuz– let me know when you get your new one started 😀

  1. I was surprised to see you back on my Feedly. I look forward to using your posts as my own encouragement to get back into blogging, which I’ve intended to do for months now.

    • Hey, look at that– TWO feedly users 😛 yeah, I kinda hate Facebook anymore. I miss blogging.

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