St. George 2013

Spent the weekend here last weekend with the Aldrich crew and most of the Sloan crew. Such a good weekend. Sunshine, red mesas, temps in the 80s, day trip to Vegas to indulge Kato’s Dunkin Donuts obsession (Irish Creme donut was amazing), swimming, bumper boat shenanigans at Fiesta Fun, great food, and some quality time with my favorite people.

It could only be better if it lasted longer– that trip was good for the soul.

Love these captures from my sister and cousins in law, they capture the weekend pretty well 🙂

Enjoying some St. George sun with my entourage...and roughly half the population of Utah. #thisplaceiscrazy

Beautiful weekend in St. George with lots of playing outside. But still did a lot of this. #kidsaretechjunkies

(yes… I stole the last 2 photos since their instagram accounts are private 😛 Sorry Em and Kim!)