Dusting off the blog

You know… I don’t know that I care for my current layout / design. Not mine, of course, just a template I installed. But it does lend itself well to how neglected this blog has been, no? 😉 I should actually design my own… haven’t done that in years. (Just another reason why I have no business calling myself a designer, heh.)

Anyways, I’ve had the itch to write a bit lately, but mainly about things I’m learning (health / nutrition-related). I thought about doing a separate blog (I’ve done two different fitness blogs in the fast, but that was primarily a journal and secondarily a notebook for things I was learning and wanted to remember / reference), but I don’t know that I’m *that* committed. So, I’ll probably post the occasional tidbit now and then on this blog when something is particularly interesting to me.

And perhaps I’ll start posting other miscellaneous things here, since I’m increasingly less inclined to post things on more public forums like Facebook and Twitter. In any case… I’m surprised you’re reading this. 😉


    • Google reader is where I go when I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to read, like when I have insomnia or something 😛

  1. Your public demands more more more!!!! hehee…Made my day to find a post here. Love you, couz! Can’t wait to read more!

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