Mmm Kale Juice

So I was telling Marianne that I wanted to try drinking pure kale juice, because what I’m really after is the nutrients in Kale. I could save money and calories (sugar, mostly) by not making a juice blend but just downing a shot of kale juice. So she dared me to do it. Said she’d give me $5 if I did, or that I wouldn’t owe her for the Cafe Rio taco she’d bought me.

So I documented it.

I juiced an entire bunch of organic kale, as bought from the store. Not sure what the weight was pre-juicing.

It yielded nearly 8oz of raw kale juice.

Mmm… doesn’t it look chlorophylicious?

(It amuses me to see how distracted I was by my own image on the screen of my phone, haha.)

Definitely potent stuff. But no, I didn’t vomit. Might have experienced some detox-like effects later in the day (sorta headachy / slightly dizzy), but otherwise… not too bad 🙂 I think sometimes putting acidic / sour fruits in with it just amps up the bitterness.